When to Drink Alkaline Water and When Not To

Alkaline water hydrates faster and better than plain water. We should drink only alkaline water and here you will see when we have to drink Alkaline water and when not to…..

When to Drink Alkaline Water

Rise and Shine – Start your day with a 16 oz glass of alkaline water with a pH of 10 or higher

One Hour Before Meals – Drinking an 8 ounce glass of water before a meal helps reduce your appetite

One Hour After Meals – An 8 ounce glass of alkaline water an hour after a meal helps flush acidic residues from the stomach

Before, During & After Workouts – Drink alkaline water with a pH of 10 or higher to neutralize acidity caused by muscular acidosis

One Hour Before Bed – A glass of water an hour before bed can prevent a heart attack or stroke


When Not to Drink Alkaline Water

During Meals – Try to avoid drinking any fluids during a meal to avoid diluting your digestive juices

Medications – If you get thirsty, drink just enough plain water to slake your thirst
Most medicine is designed to be timed release, Alkaline water’s superior hydration may cause your body to absorb medicines too fast.